Roofing Repair


All too often we don’t give the condition of the roof much thought until it springs a leak leading to even more costly damage to the structure of the home. The best time to replace your roof is before you need buckets to catch the incoming water!

If you are unsure as to how long the roof has been installed, or you know that it is getting on in years, then it might be a good idea to go and inspect it sooner rather than later. Here are a few of the essential items to check:

  • Check under the roof in the loft space to see if there are signs of water having entered. You might see mold forming on wooden beams or on top of the insulation. If not mold then perhaps beams of light from the roof or stains and streaks where there shouldn’t be any.
  • Look at the condition of the shingles, perhaps using a pair of binoculars to get a good view. Are the shingles all lying flat or have they buckled? Are any shingles missing?
  • Have a look at the flashing. Older homes may have concrete flashing which will eventually crack or break. Tar is more resilient but will also fail.
  • Check the rooflines. Does everything look straight, or is there some bending or sagging? If there is, then there is damage to the beams holding up the roof, or to the boards under the shingles.
  • Can you see moss or fungi growing on the roof? Unwanted growths are a sign of trapped moisture which will be steadily weakening the roof structure.

All the above are signs that the roof is failing and is ready for repair or replacement before matters take a costly turn for the worse.

New roofing is not like your old roofing!

Modern roofing has improved giving your home enhanced thermal insulation, longer life, and innovations such as leak barriers to help prevent moisture penetration from rain and ice dams. At Great American Gutter, we offer the best in modern roofing, the HP42” shingle from Atlas.

Your roofing shingle has several tasks to perform, it must be weatherproof, windproof, be easy to install correctly, and look good. Most of us, today, want to be using products that we know have a minimal environmental footprint. The Atlas 42” shingle offers all this and more.

There is no larger shingle available on the market. Atlas shingles look great because they are larger than other brands, fewer laps are required making installation faster and therefore cheaper. They have a 6” exposure giving a distinctive, elegant appearance as compared to the more common, smaller, types.

The HP42” has a wind protection guarantee against gusts of up to 150 mph as compared to just 110 on your neighbor’s roof. That’s down to the double FASTAC® adhesive sealant line holding everything firmly in place, year after year. When the next big storm hits you will be sitting warm and snug while your neighbors are worried about the noises from the roof and the inevitable disruption and insurance claims.

When it comes to curb appeal Atlas and Aspen have what you need there too. The HP 42” already looks great with its large size and 6” exposure, but you also have a choice of 10 colors that let you make your home look as unique as you want it to; you also get Class 4 impact resistance so that you won’t get damage from blown storm debris or hail storms.

No more black streaks

The feather in the cap for Great American Gutter roof installation is that your roof will never have those unsightly black streaks caused by algae. Atlas uses Scotchgard Protector in their HP 42” shingles to make your roof truly algae resistant. While other treatments claim to make shingles algae resistant only Scotchgard Protector can genuinely make the claim.

Scotchgard Protector for Roofing uses tiny ceramic beads infused with algae killing copper. Over time, dew carries copper ions from these tiny beads onto the roof continuously preventing algae from building up and defacing the vibrant color of your roofing.

Scotchgard Protector for Roofing is endorsed by Mike Holmes of TV’s Holmes on Homes, that’s a valuable endorsement because he has a reputation of only recommending top-performing products that go the distance.

Are you ready to replace your roof? 

Get started today at home consultation with one of our sales reps, and learn a bit more about why Atlas Roofing is the best choice and investment to keep your home safe and protected.